I know that this isn’t a travel-related post, but I feel it’s too important not to share. There’s still too much stigma around mental health and I’m just doing my part to break the stigma.

Mid last year I went through a major heart break that left me thoroughly depressed. I tried out several options to overcome the depression including going through several counseling sessions and also getting involved in several leisure activities to enhance my moods but all was in vain. The only option that was left with was just to sit back and begin adapting to living a depressed life. I accepted my fate.

But barely two weeks after I had given up on battling depression a good friend of mine who was walking with me through the depression journey came home with extremely good news. Due to my deteriorating health condition she had started looking for any help that she would find to enable me deal with the depression. While on this she got to hear from a friend that hypnotherapy has been a solution to many individuals battling depression.

Thanks to my friend, that marked the beginning of my journey to overcoming the depression that was almost killing me. Since I know that there are several ladies out there in their mid-twenties dealing with depression I love sharing my story on how I gained my mental health to see that they get help and live the happy life they deserve.

How Hypnotherapy Helped My Mental Health

The Process

The process of hypnotherapy was pretty interesting especially because I went through it with a lot of passion knowing that it was the only option I had left to deal with my mental issues. Well one basic thing that I got to learn before starting on the hypnotherapy sessions is that I needed to be open to hypnosis. This was basically important because it was to enable me be able to focus my attention on the things that would enhance my happiness and energy all together. With the hypnotherapy process I was required to go through a few sessions to see me say goodbye to depression successfully.

Session 1

Once I found a great hypnotherapist in Reading, it was time to get to work. As much as I knew that I was depressed because of the breakup I was required to identify exactly why I was experiencing the despair and the effects that would come with it. I just discovered that I was trapped in an extreme feeling of resentment. Being a woman in my mid 20’s and looking forward to settling down with the love of my life I felt that my life had come to a dead end when this man walked out of my life. Once I discovered the root of my depression I was able to walk through the hypnotherapy process smoothly.

Session 2

The second session was all about self-love. During this session I got to understand that there are some harmful mechanisms that I had developed while in an effort to do away with the depression. This included my eating habits as well as my overall grooming. For instance, on my normal days am always keen on what I eat; basically I don’t like feeding on foods that may lead to weight increase. Unlike the usual me I had developed a habit of over eating and to make the matters worse I was feeding on foods with high protein levels. More to that is that I also stopped being the well groomed make up girl that I was before. My workmates were even surprised to see me show up at work with unkempt hair and unironed clothes. Bottom line is I just had stopped caring about myself but this session woke me up from my slumber.

Session 3

After discovering how much I had started wasting myself at such a young age I now entered into being taught on how to develop positive mechanisms that would help me overcome the depression. These were actually the most transformative moments of the whole hypnotherapy process. On this positive pathway my hypnotherapist put me into sessions of thinking of the good times that I had before the depression hit me. That suddenly made me happier, energized and slowly by slowly the feeling of being unwanted started fading away slowly by slowly. Surprisingly by the time this session was over I was back to watching my diet and being the well groomed lady I was before. Unlike in the past where seeing my ex was my nightmare I was now even able to interact with him comfortably without it affecting my moods negatively.

There’s Hope for You Too

Well to my fellow girls going through depression I would like to say to you “don’t let that depression kill you”. Hypnotherapy saved my life and it can save yours too.